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    Quantel Axis Nano Ultrasound Biometer A-Scan &IOL

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    The Ultrasound Biometer Biometry and IOL Calculation

    Axis Nano is a high precision ultrasound biometer able to measure all eye types. Thanks to the unique ProBeam biometry probe that permits automatic focusing in the visual axis, measurements are obtained quickly with an accuracy of 0.01mm. 
    Combining this high level of accuracy with an IOL power calculation software including post refractive formulas, Axis Nano is the ultrasound biometer of choice for all practices.

    Main characteristics:
    - Precision A-scan and IOL calculation
    - 6 formulas for standard IOL calculation and 6 formulas for post-refractive surgery IOL calculation
    - Portable and EMR compatible

    General information
    Electrical requirements
    Power supply: 100-240 Vac
    ± 10% single phase without earth
    Frequency: 47-63 Hz
    Power: 70 VA max
    Overall dimensions: 15 cm (L) x 7 cm (l) x 2 cm (H)
    5.9" (W) x 2.8" (D) x 0.8" (H)
    Weight: 0,125 kg (0.28 lbs)
    Computer features
    Processor: Intel® Atom TM CPU 2600
    Memory: 1024 MD RAM
    Hard Drive: 320 Go
    Operating system: Windows 7 Starter 32-bit
    Display: 10,1" (25,7 cm) WSVGA (1024x600)
    rétroéclairé LED
    Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series
    Data Management
    Built-in physician and patient database
    EMR compatible
    Compatible with PC and USB video printers


    Adjustable gain:  20 to 110 dB
    Time Gain Control (TGC):   0 to 30 dB

    11 MHz probe

    Transducer frequency:  11 MHz
    Tip diameter:  6 mm (0.23”)
    Electronic resolution:  0.04 mm (0.002”)
    Depth: 40/80 mm sur 2048 points
    Contact and immersion techniques compatible  
    Aiming beam:  LED or laser pointer*

    Axial length measurements

    Ultrasound propagation velocity adjustable per segment (anterior chamber, lens, vitreous) and IOL and vitreous material

    Built-in pattern recognition:  dense, phakic, aphakic, PMMA, acrylic and silicone material for pseudo-phakic eye types
    Automatic calculation of standard deviation and average total length series of 10 measurements
    Acquisition modes:  automatic, auto + save, manual 
    Automatic detection of scleral spike  

    IOL Calculation

    Post-op refractive calculation:
    - Pre-op and Post-op refraction, Pre-op and Post-op keratometry
    - 6 different methods for keratometric correction and implant calculation:
    History derived, refraction derived, contact lens method, Rosa regression, Shammas regression, Double K/SRK-T (Dr. Aramberri’s formula)
    7 values bracketed for desired ametropia for each IOL (IOL increment steps: 0.25D or 0.50D)
    Simultaneous display of 4 different IOL calculations