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    Potec LCD Visual Acuity Chart

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    The PLC-7000 LCD Acuity Chart is a dedicated refracting device which provides accurate and precise visual acuities...PLUS:

    Slim & outstanding Design

    The slim design helps you install on the wall easily and the outstanding design upgrades the optometry room.

    Various and clear charts

    It has 37 charts, including the Vision, Astigmatic angle, Binocular vision, Heterophoria, Stereopsis, etc., along with the mask(vertical, horizontal, single ). And it can show clearer chart image through the high resolution compared with the normal chart projector.

    Slide show function(by USB)

    It can save 38 images, such as publicity & optometry information, and you can exchange the saved image with the new image which you want

    to show.

    Adjustment of test distance

    According to the space of optometry room, the test distance can be adjusted. The test distance,2.5m~6m, can be easily adjusted by the remote control and it helps You utilize the optometry room more efficiently.

    Convenient functions for the user

    It has convenient functions, such as black & White reversion, contrast control, alternation of the location of visual acuity chart, Mirror function, Mask function, red-green filter, Program function.


    LCD Type 19 inch
    Resolution 1280 x 1024
    Charts 37 EA
    Chart Type A,C,D,R
    Slide images 38 EA
    Distance of Projector 2.5 ~ 6m [0.5m increment]
    Test chart Landolt Ring, Numerals, Alphabets, Tumbling E, Pictures
    Masking function Single Letter, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line
    Filter 1 Red/Green Filter
    Visual function Red/Green Test, Binocular Vision, Astigmatism, Contrast
    Communication channel RS-232, Remocon(A/B/C/D/E)
    Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 110VA
    • Body: 457(W)’ 385(H)’ 59(D)mm
    • Desk stand: W=236mm[Circular], H=340mm[Fixed]
    • Body: 7.8kg
    • Remote Controller: 160g [Battery included]
    Basic accessories
    • Product Body
    • Remote Controller
    • Power Cable
    • Dust cover
    • USB Memory
    • Fuse
    • Battery
    • Fix Wall Mount Bracket
    Optional accessories
    • Functional Wall Mount Bracket[swivel, tilt, pivot]
    • Desk stand
    • Floor stand
    • Red/Green glasses
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