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    Takagi Keratometer KM-1

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    Diagnostic & Specialist - KM-1 Keratometer
    Outstanding performance in operation by means of the double external reading and joystick handle incorporated a new structure will give its full play to the ophthalmic diagnosis and contact lens prescription.

    Outstanding features

    • The Sutcliff type makes it easy to measure the curve, astigmatic axis and so on in a one-touch operation.
    • By outstanding double external reading, it is possible to read simultaneously the curve and power.
    • The joystick handle incorporated a new structure makes it possible to move the instrument upward, downward, left and right in a one-touch operation.
    • A device for sight to the eye ball effects the time saving of measurement.
    • It is possible to measure the corneal radius of curvature, corneal refractive power, corneal astigmatism and angle of axis of corneal astigmatism.
    • The unit type base is easy of installation and set up.
    • A transformer is not required because the power is available from the ordinary wall-outlet.


    Type Sutcliff type
    Measuring range
    Corneal radius of

    6.5 to 9.4mm
    Minimum reading 0.05mm
    Corneal refractive

    35.875 to 52D
    Minimum reading 0.125D
    Axis of corneal

    0 to 180°
    Minimum reading
    Power AC 100V, 115V, 220V, 240V
    Power consumption 15W
    Weight 15kg
    Dimensions 360(W) x 505(H) x 445(D)mm
    Movement range
    Vertical 30mm
    Horizontal 110mm
    Back and forth 76mm
    Vertical movement

    of chin-rest

     Takagi KM-1 Brochure