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    Takagi MT-364 Synoptophore

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    Diagnostic & Specialist - MT-364 Synoptophore

    The Synoptophore that you are looking for…

    Outstanding durability and substantial functions

    The list below will show you what a wide range of examination and correction work this new synoptophore is equipped for. All devices are arranged for easy handling and a new wide Haidinger’s brushes’ device rotation range and wider automatic flashing count range are provided. Performance is further enhanced with the stepless diaphragm for field adjustment and in combination with other devices such as the half mirror head, etc.

    Examination, Exercise and Correction Capability

    Simultaneous perception, fusion, stereopsis, vergence, retinal correspondence, monocular position, single eye fixation examination, removal of suppression, strengthened fusion, eyeball exercise and correction of retina.


    Pupil Adjusting Distance Hemispherical projection perimeter
    Chinrest Height

    (from eyepiece tube)
    90 degrees (temporal) / 70 degrees (superior/inferior)
    Slides 300 mm (spherical radius)
    Automatic Flashing Device 31.5 asb
    Manual Flashing Device 1000asb
    Stepless Diaphragm Variable in 4 steps at 0.0315, 0.10, 0.315 and 1.00
    Haidinger’s brushes’ device 1/16, 1/4, 1, 4, 16 and 64 mm2
    Target Illuminating Lamp 0 to 2,000 asb
    After Image Lamp 6V, 4.35A (stimulus)
    Power 100VA
    Power Consumption See below
    Fuse 41 kg (main unit only)
    Weight 41 kg (main unit only)
    Half Mirror Heads 41 kg (main unit only)
    Slides Complete 13 Sets
    Simultaneous perception Red Bind 3 Sets
    R1? Car? 5.5°V 8.5°H R2? Garage?11°V13°H
    R3? Butterfly? 4°V 6°H R4? Net ????7°Ø
    R5? X? 1°S R6? Square ??1°S
    Fusion White Bind 4 Sets
    W1.2?Rabbit? 11°S
    W3.4?Elephant ?6°S
    W5.6?Bear ? 7°S
    W7.8?Bubble Car ?4°V 8°H
    Stereopsis Yellow Bind 3 Sets
    Y1.2?Wicket, Ball?10°V 3°H
    Y3.4?Seal, Balanced Balls 6°V 5°H
    Y5.6?Airplane and Four Parachutes?17°V 15°H
    Maddox Green Bind 2 Sets
    G1?Red Circle?3.5°Ø G2?Green Square?6.5°S
    G3?? Angle G4?Arrow
    Special Blue Bind 1 Set

    After Image (Vertical Lines)

    After Image (Horizontal Lines)

    V:Vertical H:Horizontal S:Square

    Takagi MT-364 Brochure