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    Huvitz HS-5000, HIS-5000 with Image Management Sys

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    Clear images and wide views!

    HS 5000  Revolutionary optical design
    Cutting-edge optical technology assures both High Resolution and a wide field of view with the 5 step magnification control.
    Various filters tailored for the most common diagnostic that aid in accurate assesment.

    HS 5000  Revolutionary optical design
    User-friendly interface and well-organized
    architecture provide quick and efficient management. Featuring
    comprehensive digital image processing and innovative enhancement.

    Find the difference by looking through the Huvitz Slit Lamp.
    Experience the advanced diagnostic solution.

    A perfect match -The integration of the high-end Slit Lamp HS-5000 & the Imaging System HIS-5000.

    HS-5000 & HIS-5000 meet professional requirements for accurate diagnoses with the utmost convenience
    of data recording and management. The integrated system provides a new
    solution, sastisfying multi-tasking performance for diagnosis, data
    recording and management.

    Illumination system brings extremely bright and vivid vision.

    As a light source, a 12V, 30W high luminance halogen lamp gives you the highest vividness and the purist image.

    Magnification Control System that can be used in various observations.

    We use a drum style, five-step magnification control system.

    You can get each field of the magnified clinical image, from low to high, very easily by just rotating the drum.

    The faster and more stable IEEE 1394 interface method applied digital camera.

    HS-5000 can achieve a maximum resolution of 1.45 M pixel with the IEEE 1394 interface method, which conducts image data faster and with more stability compared with the normal USB interface method.

    Microscope can be operated easily and accurately.

    HS-5000 gives you vivid images and a wide observation range with the global standard Galilean Converging Binocular optical system.

    (6x :38.5mm, 10x :22.2mm, 16x :15.2mm, 25x :10.5mm, 40x :6.7mm)

    Integrated control handle, easily operated one-handed.

    The integrated control handle is simple to control.

    For finer movement there is a trigger button mounted on the joystick.

    Images can be stored simultaneously if the HS-5000 is connected to imaging devices.

    Easily operated yellow filter for Fluoresceine
    The Interior mounted yellow filter is easily operated by pushing a knob when you use Fluoresceine solution.
    (Filters : Cobalt Blue, Red-Free, Heat Absorption, Grey, Yellow Filters)


    Slit Length (mm) 0.3~12 continuous
    Slit Width (mm) 0~12 continuous
    Slit Projection 1x
    Aperture Diaphragms 12.5x
    Filters Cobalt Blue, Red-Free,Grey and Heat Absorbing
    Slit Rotation 0°~180°continuous
    Angle of Incidence 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°
    Patient’s Eye / Prism Surface Working Distance  80mm

    Microscope HS 5000 5x
    Type Galilean Converging Binocular
    Magnification 5 Position Rotating Drum
    Eyepieces 12.5x
    Total Magnifications 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x
    Real Fields of View (mm) 38.5, 22.2, 15.2, 10.5, 6.7
    Interpupilary Adjustment 55mm~80mm

    Vertical Movement 28mm
    Longitudinal Movement 78mm
    Lateral Movement 98mm
    Fine Base 10mm
    Power Supply Free Voltage 100~240V AC
    Voltage Frequency 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 70VA
    Instrument Voltage 12V DC
    Halogen Bulb 12V 30W
    Fixation Point Bulb 3.4V 20mA


    Image Sensor 1/2” Interline CCD
    Image Size up to 1,388 x 1,036 pixels
    Cell Size 4.65 ìm x 4.65ìm
    Resolution Depth 8bit or 12bit Raw RGB, YUV 4 : 2 : 2
    Transmit Method IEEE 1394 (6pin)
    Transmit Speed 400Mbps
    Frame Rate 15fps, 7.5 fps, 3.75 fps
    Lens Mount C-Mount
    Photographing External Trigger or Software Trigger
    Dimension 44mm (W) x 29mm (H) x 63mm (D)
    Power Consumption less than 3W(12V DC, from IEEE 1394 Cable)


    CPU Pentium IV, 2GHz
    Memory 512MB (over 1GB recommended)
    Video Card ATI Radeon 9200 (128MB) or similar

    Microsoft Windows NT (with Service Pack 6),
    Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 4),
    Windows XP
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is need.

    (Explorer 7 recommended)
    Transmit Method
    Standard IEEE1394a Firewire Port
    OHCI 1.1 Compatible(with auxiliary 12Vpower
    connector if connected to a laptop computer)

    LCD or CRT (minimum resolution 1,280 x1,024
    pixels, over 1,600 x 1,200 pixels recommended)

    HS-5000 Brochure