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    Oculus Pentacam Models

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    Equipped with an automatically rotating Scheimpflug camera the Pentacam performs a complete measurement of the anterior eye segment in less than 2 seconds. A precise analysis of the central cornea is carried out in the process. During measurement extraneous eye movements are detected with a second pupil camera and automatically corrected during the calculation process. The software analyses and evaluates all the data acquired. These data then provide the basis for a three-dimensional model of the complete anterior eye segment.

    The Pentacam analyses the entire cornea, anterior chamber and crystalline lens. This includes an objective determination of the central radii, corneal asphericity, various coloured maps of curvature and elevation, chamber angle, chamber volume and chamber elevation as well as lens transparency. Tomography shows the individual levels of the anterior eye segment in a freely rotating model. Measurement is non-contact and entirely agreeable to the patient.

    Many Patients have Apprehensions before an Examination.

    • The eye is an extremely sensitive area
    • Loss or impairment of sight always produces anxiety. Both are inconceivable for your patients.

    Your clientele will really appreciate fast, non-contact measurements.

    • The data gathered and the informative images it produces are the basis for a relationship of trust between patient and physician.

    Win your patients’ trust with Oculus Pentacam

    • The Oculus Pentacam examination method provides you with the best prerequisites for achieving this and retaining your patients over the long term.

    Oculus Pentacam
    The Gold Standard in Anterior Segment Tomography. There are three models:

    Pentacam Basic – the individual model

    The Pentacam Basic provides you with an overall view of the anterior segment of the eye in a few seconds.

    • It generates topographic data on elevation and curvature of the cornea.
    • Automatic measurement activation with quality test assures fast, reproducible and delegable measurements.
    • The Pentacam Basic can be upgraded to include two software packages and further optional software modules – to suit your specific needs.

    Pentacam Classic – the versatile model

    • Being equipped with the basic software and two software packages, this gives you a versatile, indispensable device for diagnosis and surgical preparation.
    • Software packages for refractive and cataract surgery supply you with all the important data needed for preparing refractivepre-examinations, early detection and classification of cataract.
    • The Pentacam Classic can be expanded to include further optional software modules at any time.

    Pentacam HR – the professional model

    • The Pentacam HR is our high-resolution professional model.
    • With its optimised optics it offers you absolute image quality.
    • Pentacam HR Scheimpflug images render impressive representations of IOLs and phakic IOLs.
    • The contact lens fitting program featuring an integrated and expandable database with over 65,000 lens geometries is included.
    • An optional feature is the 3D pIOL-simulation software module including aging prediction. This can be used to simulate the position of an iris-fixated phakic IOL now, in 5, 10 and as many as 30 years.

    Oculus Pentacam Brochure