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    Sonomed 300A+ PacScan Plus A-Scan

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    The PacScan Plus 300A+ offers a portable, digital A-scan , with a large color touch screen, on-board memory and USB interface for EMR archiving, extreme accuracy, repeatable measurements and reliability. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithm enables scan capture immediately upon application of the probe along the visual axis. 

    The PacScan Plus A-Scan offers built-in immersion capabilities and up to nine IOL formulas, including three post-refractive formulas. Axial length, ACD, and lens thickness are provided for each scan. Group up to five scans with average axial length and standard deviation automatically calculated. Easily review each scan, delete outlying scans, and add new scans, as desired. Customizable tissue velocities of each structure and highly-developed automatic scan recognition algorithms ensure accurate and repeatable measures. Built-in calibration check ensures continued accuracy of system. 

    • Software algorithms and advanced hardware designs enable quick and easy examinations of all eye types
    • High frequency and low noise electronics provide precise measuring performance of ACD lens thickness and axial distances
    • USB for EMR Archiving and SD Disk for patient data storage
    • Built-in probe holders, built-in thermal printer, probe storage compartment, individual probe connectors
    • 10mm calibration cylinder
    • High contrast colour LCD with user friendly graphical interface and 5 programmable user profiles
    • Direct contact probe allows immersion or slit lamp mounted application in a seated position
    • Optional soft touch probe allows hand-held scans with minimal corneal compression.
    • Clinical accuracy to ±0.1µm
    • Electrical accuracy to ±0.023mm
    • Refractive: Binkhorst, Regression-II, Theoretic-T, Holladay and Hoffer-Q Haigis IOL formulas; Post refractive: Latkany Myopic, Latkany Hyperopic, Aramberri Double-K, Comparative IOL calculations for up to 8 lenses
    • ACD, lens, vitreous, axial, average axial, standard deviation, individual zone velocities, automatic sensing algorithm, measure review, auto claibration
    • Direct contact, immersion, cataract, dense cataract, aphakic, pseudophakic and 4-gate manual examination modes
    • Lens calculations in 0.25D increments, 10-lens database, 10MHz direct contact probe
    • High-resolution backlit LCD display
    • Weight: 2.7 kg
    • Length: 178 mm
    • Width: 216 mm
    • Height: 254 mm

    PacScan300Plus Series Brochure