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    Suoer SW-2100 A/B Scan

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    Product Description
    Can adjust the gain of frozen image to obtain the best image Automatically save 100 frames of images during 10 seconds before freezing. Loop one by one or continuously, and it is convenient for doctors' diagnosis 
    Broad spectrum, sealed, frequency-adjustable, magnetic driven noiseless B scan probe
    Multiwindow display + false color
    Multifunctional background process, SW-2100 provides many pictures of the site of eye, it also provides expert dictionary, and you can choose the standard terminology of ultrasonic images. 
    Bio-measurement technique, sensitive data acquisition, 10 scanning results for each eye. 
    Three lens for each eye for selection: Folding lens; Anterior-chamber lens; Posterior-chamber lens. You can select the suitable lens material and degree

    A Scan
    Probe: 10MHz solid probe, inner luminated
    Depth: 16-40mm
    Precision: 0.05 mm
    Eye mode: Phakic/ Aphakic/ Pesudo
    Stat. Calculation: Average and standard deviation 
    Transmit speed: Differert speed in different part 
    Store: 10 Scanning results for each eye 

    B Scan 
    Probe: 10MHz Magnetic driven noiseless 
    Resolution: Lateral ?0.3mm; Vertical?0.2mm
    Gain: 30-105dB
    Angle: 53
    Gray scale: 256 shades 
    False color: 7 kinds of colors 
    Measure mode: 4 distances, 2 angles, perimeter and area 
    Case report: PDF format case report archiving 
    Movies: 100 frame movie loop, AVI ZIP JPG format image output

    Suoer SW-2100 Brochure