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    Huvitz Digital Tonometer HT-5000

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    Huvitz Digital Tonometer HT-5000


    ? Gold Standard Goldmann Method
    ? Digital Display
    ? LED
    ? Sleep Mode
    ? Ergonomic Design
    ? AAA Batteries

    The Gold Standard

    Goldmann applanation tonometry is the most commonly used
    tonometer in clinical practice and remains the "gold standard" for
    tonometry worldwide. It was developed in the 1950s and is based on the
    Imbert-Fick law that states that the pressure in a sphere filled with
    fluid and surrounded by an infinitely thin and flexible membrane is
    measured by the counter-pressure, which just flattens the membrane to a
    digital tonometer ht-5000 us ophthalmic

    digital tonometer ht-5000 us ophthalmic
    Digital Display
    The HT-5000 features a digital display that makes it easy to read,
    even in a dark room. The unit even offers brightness adjustment.

    LED Indicator
    An LED indicator below the display lets you know whether the measuring prism is within the allowable range during measurement. It
    glows red if the tonometer is not in contact with the cornea or if it is too close to the eye.

    Sleep Mode
    The tonometer extends battery life by turning off automatically after 90 seconds. When you're ready to take another measurement, the
    HT-5000 provides instantaneous wake-up from sleep mode.

    digital tonometer ht-5000 us ophthalmic
    Ergonomic Design
    For more comfortable observation, the unit was ergonomically
    designed with a slanted display to match the angle of the operator's


    Measuring force generated by leverage weight
    Installation Mountable on peg on microscope
    Measuring range up to 1,388 x 1,036 pixels
    Measurement divergence Of the force Impingement on the measuring prism over a measuring range from 0-58.84 mN
    Standard divergence 0.49 mN =/< 3 s=/< 1.5 % of rated value
    Reverse span =/< 0.49 mN
    Power Consumption DC3V
    Weight 0.50kg / 1.1 lb. (without accessories, with batteries)