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    Canon OCT-HS100

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    The Canon OCT-HS100 is the first Fully Automated Spectral Domain OCT. Operating an OCT has never been easier.

    The OCT-HS100’s extensive automatic functions simplify and optimize examinations. A single mouse click correctly aligns and focuses on the retina to maximize scan quality. The operator then decides with a second click when the scan itself will be initiated, allowing full control over the instrument. The high scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/sec results in very short examination times—typically under two seconds—improving efficiency and resulting in a very patient-friendly experience. Canon’s expertise in optics and innovative technology has resulted in a fantastic 3ìm optical axial resolution for amazing scan quality. The built in Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) allows for high quality retinal observations and precise follow up examinations.


    • Full Auto
    • High scanning Speed
    • High Image Quality
    • Auto anterior eye alignment and tracking
    • Auto Fundus tracking by SLO
    • Auto C-gate control (Coherence Gate)
    • Auto Focus
    • 10 layer recognition
    • Built in SLO
    • 13mm scan width
    • SLO tracking follow-up
    • Averaging of scans
    • Easy examinations
    • Choroid and Vitreous mode
    • Retinal Image Import with automatic overlay
    • Flexible Layout
    • Extensive connectivity
    • Anterior Segment Analysis

    Detailed Features

    Full Auto

    The OCT-HS100’s Full Auto feature significantly simplifies operation; standard procedures can easily be delegated and results are operator independent.

    High scanning Speed

    70,000 A-scans per second allow two-second examinations for reduced risk of motion artefacts and increased patient comfort.

    High Image Quality

    3?m axial optical resolution for unsurpassed image quality.

    Auto anterior eye alignment and tracking

    The OCT-HS100 will automatically maintain the exact alignment on the center of the eye.

    Auto Fundus tracking by SLO

    By detecting the amount of movement in fundus images, the unit can automatically compensate for small involuntary movements of the eye.

    Auto C-gate control (Coherence Gate)

    Scan depth is automatically adjusted.

    Auto Focus

    Automatic compensation of patient refraction.

    10 layer recognition

    The OCT-HS100 can recognize ten boundaries of the retina; detection of Bruch’s membrane (BM) is now possible.

    Built in SLO

    For high quality retinal observation and precise follow up examinations.

    13 mm scan width

    Increased effectiveness of examinations by capturing large areas with just one scan.

    SLO tracking follow-up

    SLO tracking allows accurate follow up examinations using the same scan position and identical scan parameters: Scan mode, position and size, fixation target position and size.


    Up to 50 scans can be combined for the highest possible image quality.

    Easy examinations

    Five stored examination sets: Macula Disease, Glaucoma, Choroid, Anterior and General. Examinations for other retinal diseases can be easily created.

    Choroid and Vitreous mode

    Using Enhanced Depth Imaging, two modes can be selected based on the pathology: Choroid Mode for detection of choroidal neovascularization. Vitreous Mode for the detection of epiretinal membranes or vitreo macular traction.

    Retinal Image Import with automatic overlay

    Imported retinal camera images are automatically aligned and overlaid on to the SLO image with precise position matching.

    Flexible Layout

    The OCT-HS100 takes up very little floor space and is flexible for use in most situations — even against a wall or in a corner.

    Extensive connectivity

    The unit can be used stand-alone or in a network. Tomograms or reports can be output as JPEG ,BMP or DICOM file.

    Anterior Segment Analysis

    With the optional Anterior Segment Adapter , images of the anterior segment, including the cornea and chamber angle, can be captured.

    Canon OCT HS-100 Brochure